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What people are saying about the "i like book"

"I absolutely LOVE the positive energy of the "i like book!" Samantha Harris-Host Dancing with the Stars

"This is one of the most unique ideas I've seen in order to help families form a closer, more intimate bond! So many things today tend to pull families apart, i.e more demanding careers with long hours, technology (TV, radio) that fill the silence instead of families voices exchanging conversation, and this allows us to not only communicate, but brings a special focus to the positive ways we see each other. Just wanted to say thank you!" Heather

"Although it's a very simple idea, the I LIKE book can do a lot for a relationship. For us, it was a fantastic way to lighten the mood and gave us a way to communicate "I love you" in a different way when everything around us was going crazy. Love it!" Dallas C.

"It makes me feel so special when my parents say nice things to me." Jordan 12 years old

"Ever since we started our i like... books, every day is like a little holiday. My husband and I fill out the books when we are alone, my husband in the early morning, me during the day, and each time I open that book, there is a sweet, tiny surprise that I've been waiting for, like a little gift :) I love it. Thank you!" Melissa


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